Why I don’t have a coffee machine at home and what does it have to do with hybrid events

The most sophisticated coffee machine will not replace human interaction / Source: Public domain

Now to Hybrid Events

In recents months, I’ve been talking to many people in the cultural sector.
Not only film festival directors, which are the natural audience of Movies Everywhere, but also people who run theaters, dance groups, opera houses, museums and more.

The Wrong Assumptions

  1. If people are given the choice, they would rather stay home for any cultural activity.
  2. If the audience is ‘x’, then ‘x’ is always the same number: The same individual either goes to the venue or stays at home.
  3. A hybrid event targets the same audience as the in-person event. And that audience is usually local.

Assumptions Contradicted

#1 was proven wrong just above and I won’t elaborate it again: going to a café against using a coffee machine at home was one example. Others are - going to a football game and not watching the game from home (still, stadiums are full); going to a rock concert and not listening to the same music on Spotify (still, halls are full).
I believe the point is clear. Proofs are all over the place. People like to go out and meet, even if not not the most economical act.
Therefore, the fear from hybrid events is a matter of denying that simple, trivial reality, which is proven anew every day in the sports and music performance sectors.

Video Killed the Radio Star. Well, it didn’t. Fear not from changes

So, We’re Set?

Most people in cultural institutions I talk to are still not convinced. Personally, I find it pretty shocking (though I shouldn’t really be... that’s human nature): They give up the miraculous opportunity that was given to them from 2020, probably 10 years before it might have happened naturally and instead, choose to stick to the old traditional way. “Back to normal” is a phrase that I keep hearing, whereby “normal” means in-person-only events (and the hell with online).



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Yoram Schaffer

Yoram Schaffer


Digital film distributor and founder of Movie Discovery VOD platform, QuickRights and Movies Everywhere . A former documentary filmmaker.