How to Steal Any Movie

The first movie pirate, 870 BCE

Back to Piracy!

There is also another a reason for me (beyond the belief in the freedom of knowledge) to write this post: One of the initiatives I created, Movies Everywhere, has anti-piracy built-in to all videos uploaded to the system. It’s an encryption mechanism that was created slowly and meticulously by Shyam Verma and his team and we are very proud of it.

The Illusion of the “official” DRM

Many clients don’t care about those considerations. And I understand them. From their perspective, we on Movies Everywhere should do anything we can to protect their films. But no one lives in a bubble and when I ask what they mean by full protection, they usually speak about that Hollywood Grade DRM, used by Netflix and other companies, as an ideal and a standard.

Let’s Steal #1

Film the screen with a camera. Yes, I know it’s simple, but hey, I never said it isn’t!


  • Use a projector and a screen. This way, there would be no edge and the frame border will look clean. You can further refine it by cropping the edges in an editing software.
  • Using a real camera (not a cellphone) and a tripod will yield better results.
  • If there’s flicker, adjust the frequency in the projector menu and/or play with the shutter speed in the camera. Have no idea what I’m talking about? — Read more here.
  • Audio: simply connect the output for the speakers to a digital recorder, either through bluetooth or a cable.
  • It’s recommended to check for synchronization of the video and audio files in an editing software. If you are a true pirate, respect the profession.

Let’s steal #2

The second method involves screen recording.
It’s important to know that what I called Hollywood Grade DRM does include in its protocol agreements with hardware and software vendors that prohibit such recordings.

Record Any Movie With OBS

As I mentioned before, the internet is full of tutorials, that guide you how to do it step by step, with videos and screenshots.
Therefore, I will not elaborate too much. But basically, you just define the screen you’re recording by adding Display Capture for the video and add Audio Input Capture. Then play the movie on your desktop in real time and hit Start Recording on OBS.
It’s also recommended to define the file quality, frames per second and make sure your computer can handle the real time recording, but that’s basically it.
A very detailed explanation can be found here and in dozens of other websites.

OBS screen recording setup


I was trying to make a point in this post. And that point is definitely NOT to encourage you to steal movies. Just to point out that it is a good practice to protect movies to some extent (especially if you are a filmmaker, producer, distributor, festival director etc.). But please, keep it in proportions, because at the end, every movie can be pirated.



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Yoram Schaffer

Yoram Schaffer


Digital film distributor and founder of Movie Discovery VOD platform, QuickRights and Movies Everywhere . A former documentary filmmaker.